Outdoor Workouts with Fitness Freedom Gear

Athletic Pursuit met with Fitness Freedom Gear, to have a workout and put the Fitness Freedom Gear fitness travel pack through its paces.

The fitness travel pack consists of: A suspension trainer, skipping rope, resistance band, ab mat, push up handles and perfectly sized gym bag. These are all must-have travel fitness accessories for any fit traveler or outdoor exerciser! 

To pursue athleticism, one must prepare for any workout and have the necessary equipment and skills for any situation. This is why mastering bodyweight and skipping is a must for any individual – this is the athletic pursuit!

For me, as a personal trainer, it’s always fun coming up with workouts when you have set equipment as you have to get creative. If you enjoy outdoor fitness or struggle with time then this is perfect for you as the Fitness Freedom Gear fitness travel pack is lightweight and ready to use wherever you are. From personal trainers who train in parks, to people travelling on holiday, this bag of goodies has everything you need to curate a good workout and more!

The workout: Relatively simple, but sweaty! (especially in the London heat!)

Experience level: Novice – Intermediate


10-8-6-4-2 – band pull aparts, sit ups

30-30-30-30-30 – skipping (double unders if you can!)


1 minutes per exercise 

(scale the time if appropriate)

ST: rows 

Double unders 

Push ups 


Split squat 30:30

2 mins rest between 

4/5 Rounds


Pigeon, spider man and downward dog stretches – 1 minute on each.

Here is how it looked!

This was a lot of fun and the Fitness Freedom Gear fitness travel pack gave us a great workout! If you are interested in training outside, especially now the weather is booming, I’d definitely recommend their kit! I am also putting a workout plan together for the guys at Fitness Freedom Gear, so when you purchase the pack you will also receive my workout plan. You’ll be ready to smash it right off the bat, making your life much easier! Stay tuned for the details…

As always thank you for reading and i’ll catch you in the next one!

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